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You may be familiar with text messaging for business and organizations but not be sure how keywords and short codes work, or even what they are.

More and more we are starting to see the use of SMS text messaging, but more so by bigger companies. It’s used for some popular TV shows, for example Text “Vote” to a number to vote for your favourite performer. As with most technologies bigger companies tend to dive in first with smaller companies following along behind. In the case of SMS text messaging, a relatively new marketing strategy, it may not be clear to the small business owner how this marketing technology can benefit their business or organization. An understanding of how this technology works will help in how this application can be used by anyone to connect with people and increase business.

Text messaging may be seen as a tool used more by the younger generation. More and more people of all ages are turning to texting to communicate. Parents are using it more to communicate to their children, get news and even to do their banking. Many people are finding now that one of the benefits of using text messaging is that they can get deals online in real time. how to find hidden text messages on phone

This is how it works.

For this example company XZY has a general clothing store. On a visit to that retail outlet a customer sees a sign, or sees printed on their receipt, “Text DEALS to 000999 for our weekly specials.” The customer does this on their cell phone. Two days later they receive a message from XZY store, “Show this text tomorrow for 40% off new fall arrivals”.

This marketing strategy can be used by any business or organization, no matter what size. By getting people to “Text In”, their cell phone number is added to that business’s or organization’s text messaging list. Very similar to an email list, that person can unsubscribe at any time from any list, or should the option to.

In the example above “DEALS” is the “Keyword”. Keywords are leased on a monthly basis typically for around twenty five dollars. Most SMS services companies should give the option of “Pay As You Go” so that you can use the service when you need it. Packages are normally available for companies or organizations that would use the service on a regular basis.


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