Excellent Features Present In The Samsung A52s


The Samsung A52s is the latest mid-budget Android-based smartphone from Samsung Electronics. The phone has been announced on 14 March 2021 at Samsung’s online Awesome Unpacked event along with the brand new Galaxy 72. It is the sibling of the recently released Galaxy A 51 and acts as the replacement to the aging Galaxy A 51. In fact, the name of the product evokes the name of the old Samsung model – the Galaxy A-series, which previously served as the name of the company’s mid-budget phones. samsung a52s

The A52s features an impressive array of features and software, which are designed to make life for its users easier. The phone has an intuitive user interface, one of the best in recent smartphone devices. Samsung has packaged the A52s with its Exynos 5 chip along with an Adreno processor, 1GB of RAM and a microSD slot for additional storage expansion. The phone also features a quad-core processor and comes with a generous 8GB of memory, which can be further expanded via the use of a microSD card. One of the highlights of the A52s is its high-end camera setup which includes a four-megapixel primary camera, a seven-megapixel self-shot camera and a nine-megapixel photo album which can be easily protected and secured using the secure Samsung Cloud service.

A Samsung A52s also comes with a comprehensive set of features including on-screen buttons that guide the user through the on-screen menu which includes the settings, volume controls, brightness and locks. Apart from that, it has a comprehensive set of applications which makes the life of a user a lot simpler. Among these applications are apps such as Samsung KOMX, S Pen and Galaxy Gear input mode, SMS drive, MMS and Quick Panel etc.

In addition to all this the Samsung A52s comes loaded with a powerful engine, which enables it to perform extremely well and quickly. It runs on Samsung’s Exynos 5 processors, which are the most powerful processors available in the market. The Exynos processor is the superior processing chip manufactured by Samsung. This means that the A52s is able to do all that and more at a faster rate and this is what helps it to perform so well.

In order to take good pictures, the Samsung A52s comes with an advanced front camera and a rear camera, both of which are equipped with digital zoom. The Samsung galaxy a52s has a very large memory space with up to two hundred and fifty megabytes in size. The memory space also enables the user to store numerous videos and images in the memory. Also, in the same way as it has a large memory space the user can also download various music files from the Samsung servers. There is also a very useful slide-out menu present which allows the user to launch various applications including the Microsoft outlook for SMS service, Samsung email, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and the Samsung browser with web store facility.

On the other hand the Samsung galaxy a52s also comes with a very impressive digital camera, which has an eight megapixel camera which is capable of great quality photographs. The rear camera of this device is also capable of four megapixel photos and hence lets the user take the most fantastic photos. The digital camera of the Samsung has a very easy to use interface which makes it easier for the users to enjoy its benefits. There is a very good connectivity system present which enables the user to send and receive emails, perform online shopping and the like using the Samsung galaxy A52s.

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